Save the Children

Save the Children International is a global Non-Governmental Organization that works to improve the quality of children's lives and protect their rights. Alta Copper has engaged with Save the Children International to address social obstacles in the District of Cañaris such as malnutrition, illiteracy, access to education, family violence and female oppression. Save the Children strives to create a world where "every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation" and they inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children.

The relationship with Save the Children International and their involvement in the District of Cañaris is proving to be a worthy investment for the health and well being of many of the 48 communities located within the Cañariaco Project's defined zone of influence. Tangible increases have already been made in opening up dialogue between the needs of the communities and the regional government regarding the community needs. Save the Children's health development professionals are actively pursuing constructive dialogue with the national, regional and local health officials within Peru. 

Save the Children International is also committed to promoting peace and sustainable development within the communities of Kañaris and bringing a level of professionalism in reporting by NGOs which can be biased. Alta Copper realizes that the project's success relies heavily on maintaining a high level of trust between the community and the interests of our stakeholders. Save the Children International is working to remain a neutral and trustworthy mediator in dialogue that concerns the health and health services of Kañaris.