Cañaris Irrigation Projects


The Development Table of 2013 resulted in the approval of 26 projects for the Cañaris district for a total cost of S / .73,091,367.16.  See Matrix of Projects (pdf)

Two of the most significant projects approved are two major irrigiation projects benefitting 1,500 families.

During 2014, 2015 and 2016, the company funded engineers to assist with the technical reports required for the approval of several of the projects within the matrix. In addition, the company has liased between the community and the ministries involved in the Development Plan, including the MEM, (Secretaria Tecnicat) and PCM, assisting with the advancement of the projects.

After many meetings between various governmental and community entities during 2017, several important infrastructure projects for the district of Cañaris have been approved and are now being financed by the Central Government and Regional Government.


Approved and Active. 

Investment Code
(SNIP Number)
Project NameValue of the
Technical File
Total Investment
(S /.)
348584Installation of water service for irrigation for properties in Shin Shin, San Cristóbal, Huacapampa, Illambe, La Laguna Chirimoyapampa, Huamachuco and Sabila, Cañaris district, Ferreñafe - Lambayeque province.540,000.0016,030,017
348606Installation of water service for irrigation for properties in Chilasque, Atunpampa, Tute, Kañaris, Seg Seg and Sigue, Cañaris district, Ferreñafe - Lambayeque Province.529,000.0018,460,515