Cañaris Road Improvement Project


• During 2015 and 2016 Cañariaco Copper Perú S.A. together with community members, met with the Ministry of Transport and Communications PROVIAS to request a road improvement project in the high zone of Cañaris which would increase connectivity and positively benefit the quality of life of 3,000 people.

• This project was officially launched on November 28, 2016 by the Provias Nacional program of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and is now approved and in active status.  The road improvement covers 25 km and involves a total investment of S / 15,901,022


Approved and Active.


Investment Code (SNIP Number)




Project Name



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Total Investment Amount

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Improvement and Rehabilitation of the Neighborhood Road Emp.LA-103 – Chilvaca - Atunloma – Emp. 103 (Mamagpampa ) y Acceso Desv. Congona – Nuevo Progreso – Congona distrito Cañarís – Provincia de Ferreñafe, Región de Lambayeque . Longitud = 24.78 Km