Water Management

A healthy environment with clean, uncontaminated water is vital for the good health, prosperity and livelihood of people and communities. At Alta Copper we understand just how important this is - clean water and a healthy environment in the areas where we work is our number one priority. Alta Copper's Cañariaco Copper project in Northern Peru is only at the exploration and planning stages, but protection of the environment and the water is already well underway.

Understanding the environment is key to protecting the environment. Alta Copper started Environmental Impact and Assessment studies in the Cañariaco Norte area in 2007 and this work continues today. This work is being performed by a highly respected International Environmental Consulting Company. The Environmental Impact Assessment includes assessment of the biodiversity of the area and identification and evaluation of all the water resources including rivers, streams, lakes and ground water.

By conducting these extensive environmental studies, an in-depth knowledge of the environmental qualities and biodiversity of the area is developed. This information is critical to understanding the environment and guides us in all of our activities so that we minimize the impact on the environment.