Reports & Policies

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics applies to Alta Copper Corp. and its subsidiaries.

Corporate Governance Policy

The board of directors (the "Board") and senior management of Alta Copper Corp. (the "Company") consider sound corporate governance to be a central component in the effective and efficient operation of the Company. Therefore, the Company has established the following Statement of Corporate Governance Policies (the "Statement"). The Statement describes the basic approach of the Company to corporate governance and is set out below. 

Safety, Environmental, and Social Responsibility Policy

The commitment to prevent and eliminate work risks and provide environmental protection, and social responsibility in all of our actions is one of the essential elements in the corporate policies of Alta Copper Corp. and its subsidiaries. For this reason Alta Copper considers it necessary to publish its principles as a policy statement outlining the principles which Alta Copper and its subsidiaries are committed to.

Wildlife Protection Policy

The commitment to the preservation of biodiversity in the areas of our activities, is one of the essential elements that integrates and inspires the corporate policy of Alta Copper Corp. and its subsidiaries. For this reason we consider it is necessary to publish the basic guidelines of our Wildlife Protection Policy.

Environmental Impact Assessment Semi-Detailed (Spanish)

Cañariaco Copper Perú S.A.
Estudio de Impacto Ambiental Semidetallado del Proyecto Cañariaco
Región Lambayeque, Perú