Shared Value Mandate

What is Shared Value?

"Shared value is created when a company’s success, social progress (by addressing needs and challenges) and local environmental conditions are interdependent."

(Michael Porter and Mark R. Kramer "Harvard Business Review", January 2011

Shared Value is a cornerstone mandate of Alta Copper Corp.

With the Cañariaco Norte Copper Project we are committed to creating Shared Value by protecting the environment and developing sustainable economic and social benefits for the local communities and many Peruvians at all stages of our work.

We are making extensive efforts today to ensure that viable, beneficial economic activities commenced with our exploration stage and will continue in the areas surrounding the Cañariaco Norte Project long after mining has been completed and the mine area reclaimed.

In addition to its social and economic well-being, a healthy environment with clean, uncontaminated water is vital for the good health, prosperity and livelihood of the area's people and communities. At Alta Copper, we understand just how important this is, and we make clean water and a healthy environment an immediate and top priority. Alta Copper's Cañariaco Copper Project in Northern Peru is only at the exploration and planning stages, but protection of the environment and the water is already well underway, with an intensive Environmental Impact Assessment -- including monitoring -- ongoing since 2007.

In addition to our current efforts, if approved, the Cañariaco Norte Project is expected to employ approximately 2,000 people directly during its construction, and then continue to provide full-time, high quality, direct employment for approximately 600 local people, and indirect employment to approximately 2,400 people over the anticipated 20-plus year life of the mine. Peru has a long history of mining which has resulted in a large pool of mining talent available in-country. As a result, Alta Copper expects to be able to source Peruvian personnel for virtually all mining administration and operation requirements.